Belvedere Restaurant is one of the most beautiful and most interesting points on the culinary map of Poland. It combines unique design, excellent cuisine and remarkable history.

Belvedere is in a unique location - New Orangery in the Royal Łazienki Park is a building of more than 150-year history. Surrounding the park alleys, rose gardens or company of proud peacocks create the unique atmosphere of this place.


The concept of the menu is based on the changing seasons and uses fresh, mostly local products. Dishes are prepared under the guidance of Chef Adam Komar, which serves mainly Polish cuisine in a modern interpretation. The unique combination of flavors offered by Belvedere immediately conquering the hearts and last in the memory.



Belvedere Restaurant has been recognized in prestigious competitions and won numerous awards. Constantly, every year (since 2007), is highlighted by the most famous restaurant guide in the world - the Michelin Guide. In 2012 Belvedere has received the highest honor award - the Four Temples, by the best culinary academy - Accademia Italiana della Cucina.


In 2014 the Interior of the restaurant has undergone a complete refurbishment. New design was project of the famous designer Polish National Opera - Boris Kudlicka and architectural studio WWAA. New branding of the restaurant has been developed by Lange & Lange design studio (Alexander and Gustaw Lange).


Interior design is registered in the Polish Patent Office and is protected by law.





Menu dinner PDF pdf 

Dinner menu is served from 6 pm







Szparagi / Asparagus

szparagi, kalarepa, botwinka, len

asparagus, kohlrabi, beetroot leaves, flax


Cielęcina / Veal

główka cielęca, ozorek cielęcy, chrzan, rzodkiewka

veal offal, horseradish, radish


Truskawki / Strawberries

truskawki, comber jagnięcy, tymianek, zielony ogórek

strawberries, lamb comber, thyme, cucumber


Gęś / Goose

marynowana foie gras, muscat, pomarańcz

marinated foie gras, muscat, orange


Wołowina / Beef

tatar z polędwicy wołowej, sardynka, kolendra

beef tartar, sardine, coriander


Tuńczyk / Tuna

polędwica tuńczyka, sezam, tamarynd, szparagi
baltic tuna, sesame seeds, tamarind, asparagus





Szczaw / Sorrel

krem ze szczawiu, mniszek lekarski, truskawki

sorrel creamy soup, dandelion, strawberries


Nowalijki / Young vegetables

marchew, kalarepa, kapusta, antrykot wołowy 

carrots, kohlrabi, cabbage, beef entrecote





Papardelle / Pappardelle

szpinak, czosnek, krewetki

spinach, garlic, prawns


Dorada / Dorade

filet dorady, quinoa, raki, brokuły

dorade fillet, quinoa, crayfish, broccoli


Diabeł morski / Monkfish

pieczony diabeł morski, karotka, solikornia

roasted monkfish, carott, solicornia


Perliczka / Guinea fowl

pierś perliczki, kalafior, botwinka

guinea fowl breast, cauliflower, beetroot leaves


Jagnięcina / Lamb

karczek jagnięcy, młode ziemniaki, zielony groszek, mięta

lamb neck, young potatoes, green peas, mint


Sarna / Venison

comber z sarny, buraki, bób, czarna porzeczka

roe comber, beetroots, broad beans, black currant


Polędwica wołowa / Beef tenderloin

polędwica wołowa, seler, fasolka szparagowa, starka

beef tenderloin, celery, green beans, Starka





Truskawka / Strawberry

truskawka, lubczyk, czekolada

 strawberry, lovage, chocolate


Ananas / Pineapple

ananas, marakuja, mięta

pineapple, passion fruit, mint


Ogórek / Cucumber

zielony ogórek, rum, limonka

cucumber, rum, lime


Kokos Coconut

mus kokosowy, pianka czekoladowa, marakuja

coconut mousse, chocolade foam, passionfruit








26 PLN




32 PLN




34 PLN




57 PLN




49 PLN




44 PLN









26 PLN




24 PLN









54 PLN




74 PLN




98 PLN




62 PLN




72 PLN




89 PLN




108 PLN







25 PLN




26 PLN




29 PLN




27 PLN

Restaurant plan PDF pdf

Did you know that you can organize in Belvedere event for up to 400 people?


Belvedere Restaurant Royal Łazienki Park is a unique venue for corporate events. An unusual image of this place, developed over many years of restaurant operations strengthens each event. Unique interior decorated New Orangery and beautiful park surroundings from the very beginning create an unforgettable atmosphere.


The interior of the restaurant allow the organization of business events and parties: galas, Christmas meetings, business mixers, breakfasts and press conferences, banquets, cocktail parties, happenings to promote brand or product. We also invite you to business lunches and dinners, which the binding meets even the most demanding customers.

Unusual menu by Chef Adam Komar combined with unique interior design of the restaurant created by Boris Kudlicka provide you with an unforgettable experience.

We encourage you to contact with our sales team, who will prepare your individual offer:


FKR 7685 -1 thumb   Magdalena Korczyńska

   Sales Manager

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  +48 22 55 86 743
  +48 698 832 282

FKR 7706ok thumb    Agata Krzykowska

    Sales Manager

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    +48 22 55 86 742 
    +48 728 858 262

FKR 9423 300   Izabela Głowacka

   Sales Manager


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   +48 22 558 67 41
   +48 784 621 124

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Przystawka Tuńczyk

Light, energy, and above all tasty and healthy - so what dishes you will find in new Spring Belvedere menu. Seemingly simple combinations offer surprisingly, distinctive taste.




We invite you to read the latest menu:


 FWN1160 600

Welcome to the Belvedere Garden


Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the climatic place, that will let you regenarate in the warm spring sun.


With the opening of the Garden, we have prepared a powerfull menu, delicious desserts and cocktails. Special LUNCH offers encourage to arrange official meetings during the week, 55 PLN / person and family dinners on weekends 75 PLN / person. On warm spring evenings, enjoy a dinner surrounded by a park, enriched with spectacular lighting.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., + 48 22 55 86 701



brunch wielkanocny

Offer valid on 5 and 6 of April.


On Easter Sunday and Monday we invite you to Easter Brunch: buffets with easter-traditional food, Slow Food corner, station with Polish cheese, homemade bread, hot dishes, culinary station and dessert buffet.


The price includes: soft drinks, white and red wine and liqueurs Soplica.


Price per person 169 PLN

children: under 5 years old free of charge, from 5 to 12 years old - half the price.





Book by Phone: +48 22 55 86 701

  • Monday to Friday 9:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday and Holidays 10:00 - 20:00




From Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 17:00

tel: (+48) 22 55 86 743

tel: (+48) 22 55 86 742

tel: (+48) 22 55 86 741



  • Monday to Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday and holidays 12:00 - 20:00 

Free parking, entrance from the Parkowa street




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